Friday, 29 May 2009

Tunes to get your claws into...

Here's my new May discoveries! All unsigned, all new and all amazing. Enjoy...

Bagelboy - Lost & Recovered (diSapia 'found it' remake)

This is a remake I constructed from Bagelboys original track 'Lost & Recover' which is a light broken beat tune. I twisted it into a moody dark delight! Check it out and more like it here

Big Lion Head

This guy's from Sheffield and is making quality melodic prog house / min techno. Floaty synths, samples and tough basslines.

Ester's message (wish mix) by Big Lion Head

"Went back to my early house party vibe roots for this one. Vocal sample courtesy of our daughter. It's a message to mum from atop a big hill when she was 4 and off school (Skiving) for the day. The original message made mummy cry so watch y'sen; it's mighty cute."

This Guy I Know - Summer

Melodic beats, samples and synths all the way. Very smooth and well made sounds. Check out his site TGIK Music for more amazing tunes

Maarten Lierop - Funk Smog

One man and his accordion! He makes pretty crazy tunes which just work! Check out his designs and more tunes here.

ADB - 100

One for the beat generation; sounds like Fly Lo, Hyperdub and Code 9. One to whatch for the future. Check his myspace

Classic Cult - WheresDaBudAt

Self defined as 'festival electronica music'; think Crystal Castles on acid. Check his MySpace for more info

"You know, that music, when your at the techno tent and its your first time and your getting blazed out by awesome people with good vibes? well, yes, this is CLASSIC CULT......"

Sunbyrn - Scared of my own (okbye Remix)

Okbye has been a favorite of mine for a few months now and has been churning out amazing deep house mixes and re-edits. This is one of his best. Check out more of his work and design work at his website

Radio Ladio

More Danny Sangra I'm affraid. He directed the new-ish video for one of my favourite bands, Metronomy. Apparently "it's not for the kids, it's not sweet and chirpy, not supposed to make you 'smile'. It's not a pack of Refreshers it's more of a raw steak."

The only thing I can add to that is that it is really very good.

METRONOMY - RADIO LADIO from danny sangra on Vimeo.

A long, long time ago...

I liked a band called Lost Penguin, who in hindsight were fucking dire. In fact, even at the time I think I thought they were (brilliantly) shit. But every cloud has a silver lining. Danny Sangra used to do the artwork for said band and I have followed his work ever since. He's got a new show opening on June 11th on Conduit Street, London; Season Of The Witch. Go and look at it.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Paul Burgess

Healthy dissent in the medium of collage, that's what this country needs.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Patrick Gildersleeves

I want to be a character in one of Patrick's drawings. They wouldn't give a shit about 'the current economic climate', falling house prices or anything else apart from having a felt tip based adventure with their friends.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Castro Smith

I've just stumbled across Castro Smith on the wonderful Concrete Hermit network. I'm always jealous of people who manage to deface beautiful things in a way that doesn't destroy them. I've never quite got past the penis on head stage myself and that's why I'll never be a famous artiste...